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5 Tips for Decorating Your Home for the Holidays

Thanksgiving is officially over, so it’s time to haul out the holly, start your Christmas shopping, and turn your home into a winter wonderland. Decorating your home for the holidays can be a job. However, we always hope and wish that it’s the opposite – enjoyable and fun! So, we brought in Lynzy Coughlin of  Lynzy & Co. to share some of her styling secrets. Here, Lynzy gives us a few useful tips for decorating, not only for the holidays, but for all winter long!

1. When it comes to holiday decorating, I always start early. I do a few rooms every few days and I am typically done by Dec. 1st! I try to add a little something to every room and it really does take quite awhile to get the whole house decorated! It is something I love doing and wish we could enjoy it for more than a month!

2. Stick to your holiday Christmas color theme. For me, that means I love neutrals with pops of red and green here and there. I love having a cozy holiday home. Others may choose to have pastels be the focus of all of their decor or perhaps metallics and neutrals!

3. Always try to add natural elements.
Whether that be a real Christmas tree, trimmings from a Christmas tree throughout your mantel and other areas of the home, pine cones from outdoors, or tall branches with fairy lighting. Whatever it is – you choose! It will help pull everything together and make it feel more cozy.

4. When all else fails and you’re having trouble in a spot, add lights.
This could mean tall pillar lights stacked on top of old books, lanterns with candles, or string lighting!

5. Invest in decor that you can use for the entire winter season rather than just the holiday season!
The majority of our decor with the exception of the red holiday decor, stays up through the winter!

Feeling inspired? We know we are!