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Tennessee Farmhouse Wedding

Carlisle and Adam met in their high school youth group, but only admired each other from a distance.  After they both left home for college, they stayed in touch and eventually began dating and... [Read More]


Alabama Countryside Wedding

There is something so unique and fantastic about a simple wedding with natural details, colors, and location.  Laken and Tyler were married at J&D Farms, about an hour from their home in Alabama, which turned... [Read More]


Intimate Vineyard Wedding

We’re completely obsessed with the simple and homespun elements of this wedding that captured the natural beauty of Arista Winery and, of course, the couple!  Erin and Brent picked the perfect location for their... [Read More]


Palm Springs Viceroy Wedding

It looks like this trendy bride and groom found the perfect location for their traditional meets unique wedding!  They tied the knot in Palm Springs at an old Catholic church and then headed over... [Read More]


Australian Beach Wedding

We’re taking a trip overseas today to visit the beautiful Australian beaches for a wedding by Byron Loves Fawn!  Bec and Dave’s wedding seems like it was full of love and laughter and we... [Read More]