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Jun 16, 2014

Working Mom: Isobel Benesch of Bel and Beau

You know those amazing party skirts that are super trendy right now!?  They’re full of color, perfect for parties, and just make us smile 🙂  Our go-to person for this fun fashion staple right now is Isobel from Bel & Beau!  She creates the cutest styles ranging from short mini skirts to long maxi skirts with lots of colors to choose from.  She even has a cute tulle option!  Not only is Isobel the brains behind Bel and Beau, she’s also mom to Holden!  We caught up with her to hear about what life is like as a mom and successful business owner!  Hear her story and advice below…

Name:  Isobel Benesch
Company: Bel & Beau
Location: Southern California
Kids: Holden, age 2

 Working Mom: Bel and Beau

Tell us a little bit about what Bel and Beau is and how it started!

Bel & Beau’s is a women and girls clothing brand with the philosophy that dressing up an everyday opportunity can completely change the way a woman feels about herself and her outlook on life. It’s my hope that Bel & Beau pieces inspire women to seize that opportunity and dare to dress up.

After living in yoga pants for the first couple of weeks (or perhaps months) after my son was born, I saw what a difference it made for me to put on something nice instead.  When I started looking for a dressier maxi skirt that didn’t cost hundreds of dollars, I was surprised to discover that I couldn’t find one!  So I ended up making one myself.  And from that piece, Bel & Beau was born.

Working Mom: Bel and Beau

What made you decide to start your own business?

Before having Holden, I was working in the medical device industry and had a great career, but I wasn’t passionate about it.  After Holden was born, I couldn’t imagine leaving him on a daily basis to go do something that I didn’t love and so I resigned.  Being at home with Holden, allowed me the time  to explore my passions and really tap into my creative side, and out of that came Bel & Beau.

Working Mom: Bel and Beau

We’re huge fans of your fun and colorful party skirts!  What inspires your designs?

I love pieces that are simple, comfortable, and versatile in that they can be dressed up or dressed down.

Working Mom: Bel and Beau

You also style on the side…what does this part of your job look like?

Styling is something I love because it enables me to connect with other people and brands and I love the diversity that comes with the job.

Working Mom: Bel and Beau

How have you learned to balance life as a working mom?

That is a good question.  It’s definitely not easy!  I work at home which is amazing because I am with Holden all day, but it’s difficult to designate specific time for one or the other.  I get up early and stay up really late, so I’m not sure I’ve really found the perfect balance quite yet.

Working Mom: Bel and Beau

What was the best advice you received that you carry into your business and daily life?

“Don’t wait for things to happen, make them happen”.

Working Mom: Bel and Beau

What’s the biggest piece of advice you would pass along to someone looking to start their own business?

It’s not easy and it’s long hours, but when you are doing something that you love it is 100% worth it.

Working Mom: Bel and Beau

What’s the biggest piece of advice you can give to an overwhelmed working mom?

It’s okay to take a break and do something for yourself.  I think it’s always a juggle between your job and motherhood that it is easy to feel guilty about not doing 100% of one or the other.  Sometimes when you step away from both for a few moments to yourself, you can come back a completely new person.

Beauty Secret: Wash your face every night and use sunscreen every morning.
Favorite Baby/Kids Product: Saltwater Sandals / Ergo Baby Carrier
Currently Obsessed With: skirt/crop top combo
What you wanted to be when you grew up: Vet or a Singer (but I’m scared of needles and can’t sing so…)
If I could work for anyone it would be: Susan Peterson


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