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Dec 22, 2009

Wedding PR Tips 101: How To Be More Successful in 2010


My dad has always said to me “In the giving we receive”. He says that he has always been handed so much and been blessed with abundance but attributes a lot of it to “having an open hand”. I interpret this in two ways:

1) Giving is the true gift. To help others means we receive the joy that gifting gives. Whatever you may be giving: advice, hand written note, clothes or food to the needy, or presents to your sister who is moving to NYC in a few weeks (so excited to share my wintry gifts with her)

2)When we give and put out there into the world the best versions of ourselves, good things will always come back. Always have an open hand and show goodness and light to those you meet and interact with- You will be rewarded.

I  mention the above about being a better you and giving with an open hand, to share that in return there will be an abundance of blessings and successes along your way.

You can’t force success, capture it, or just stumble upon it. It’s not something you can inherit or even take and copy from some one else. In 2010 we have to earn success which means putting into place all the things you want to achieve and make your list of how you can be the best you and give to others in order to realize it.

If this year didn’t bring you the success you were hoping for OR you have dreamed bigger and better for next year, hoping to achieve as far as your heart can see, then its time to change how you look at YOU and how you look at success.

Some tips on how to do this in 2010:

1) Success that stays with you for the long term requires change. Growing out of bad habits and finally getting some new ones and being prepared to pay your dues. Credibility is a strong backbone to success- putting in your dues may mean some sacrifices along the way but its worth it. When I started in this industry I left a corporate salaried job at a magazine to work for free at weddings. I scrubbed plates for  catering staff, arranged flowers, and broke down rentals til 3am- just so I could learn everything I needed to know about the industry of weddings. Planning your own wedding and starting a business the next day doesn’t necessarily equal credibility in our industry. You have to do the work! Roll up your sleeves and get ready….

2)Understand that the road to success can be one that we have to travel alone. The mentors, trend setters, and success stories are the ones who start on their own track. They  don’t choose to emulate, but more often they have a desire to innovate.

3) You need to gain a specific skill set that will attract success. Set clear, written goals. What will it take to be really good  and put an action plan in place.  Is it:  Networking? Conferences? Advertising, Mentorships and Coaching? Figure out what you need to do, to get where you want to go.

Chances and new beginnings will begin to appear, and when they do, you’ll be ready for them. Success has been waiting around the corner for you. The more you are out there searching for it and struggling to find it, the harder it is for you to realize- its right there.

Do what is necessary to master the requirements, while remembering to keep an open hand, and success will surround you.

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xo, Leila, WeddingPR

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