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Mar 30, 2010

PR Tips 101: Staying relevant in the wedding industry Part II

And we’re back! Today I’m addressing specifics from my last tip I wrote about regarding Staying Relevant. Today is all about the “how”. Aside from understanding the principles of why you won’t stay relevant in the last post, here are a few ways I’d suggest on how to stay in the loop.

1) Networking.

Don’t discount the power of attending industry events. Make the effort to go during the week and travel for the right conference or function. Don’t get lazy and don’t have the attitude “I have been to so many of those, I don’t have to go to anymore”. Keep that up and the new kids on the block could become more relevant than you. They are excited to get out there and meet people and will make it a point to be at every magazine event, industry party, or conference they can attend. I can’t tell you how many times vendors have told me “they don’t go to those things”. Guess what? You should start. I’ve been going to those things for many years and continue to go. Be approachable! A simple smile and hello can go a long way. Engage others in conversation really maximize your efforts to showcase your personality.

2) Social Media.

Do you use Facebook and Twitter? This response is not a good one, “well I Facebook but i don’t like twitter. I don’t get it because it’s not going to get me brides just vendors. I don’t need vendors, I need brides.” In my opinion that’s not true at all. Be open to change and learning why this is going to help you stay relevant (if you know how to use it). Some of you use it to blast information out 25 times a day or use shorthand so much we don’t even know what you’re saying. Use language that accurately reflects your brand so that your message and voice stays relevant and true to you!

3) Branding.

Are you shiny and new? or have you had the same one for so long that its no longer iconic, more just boring and irrelevant. What you invested into a logo, website, and brand message 10 years ago probably isn’t going to work now. Be sure that your brand is a true reflection of the bride you are looking to attract. A stale website and logo may not reflect who you are and may even turn off vendors looking to refer you.

4) Press.

Do it yourself or get help- whatever works for you, but DO IT! Be consistent with your features online, in print, and maybe a little TV here or there. You’re only has relevant as your last feature so if that was last year, its time to step it up again. Its a new slew of brides and vendors this year so show them what you’re up to now.

How are you staying relevant?

Photo of Mindy Weiss by Elizabeth Messina
  • Great advice Leila! Thanks!

  • great tips as usual leila! gotta keep fresh…and stay up with our ever changing industry!

    i just launched my new website…because the old one wasn’t a reflection of me & my work anymore. i am working through a rebrand right now, inspired by all the great tips and advice i read in your blog! thanks for being a fabulous inspiration & kicking our butts in gear!

  • Leah

    This is great! Who knew social media was such a big part of a business?!

  • I am loving this series!!! Please keep them coming, I am needing to hear this so bad right now….

  • absolutely true….fabulous post! stay relevant or someone else we become what you were…..

  • Leila, I”m really enjoying this series! Even though I’m new to the wedding industry I still think these tips are very relevent to learning how to get (and stay!) noticed. Thanks for the great tips 🙂

  • I love these tips and feel glad to say we’re trying to keep up on it all! It’s a lot of work, but so worth it. Thanks for the reminders! : )

  • oh Jesi.. you’re doing a few things here or there 🙂 and Carter and cook nice to meet you girls. heard nice things about you! glad this is helpful for you.

  • ps. Jesi.. i was kidding:) and Christina I’ll have to go see the new website and what you’ve been up to. Hope you’re well!!

  • Hey Leila,

    Great Advice! Where is the best place to look for upcoming networking events?! Is there a site that lists them??

    Thx! 🙂

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