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Aug 25, 2011

Trust Your Wedding Vendors

Dear Brides (and grooms, and mom of brides, and moms of grooms, and the list goes on…)

You’re Engaged!! YAY! And since that lovely sparkly piece got placed on your ring finger your mind has started running on overdrive. When will you get married? What’s the perfect location? Who will you ask to be in the wedding?  And then comes the part where you actually have to make decisions that will impact what that day will look and feel like. Enter in… (trumpet sounding) the wedding vendors. THE people you will trust to make it all look beautiful, flow seamlessly, and capture your day so you have memory keepsakes for life.

But let me offer you a piece of advice as both a past bride and as a member in the wedding space – please remember that after you do your very diligent research to hire the best of the best you need to let go and let them take care of all the rest. Letting go and trusting your wedding vendors will ease stress for everyone involved.

Trust them to do what they do best. Let them guide you through the time line, the décor details, the fabrics, the lighting, the time of day pictures should be taken and so on. I know its hard to relinquish the total control since it is YOUR day, but that is what you are investing in them for- to be sure your dream day is everything you could have wished, and to ensure you experience and enjoy it and not work on your wedding day.

Believe me when I say they know what they are doing. They do this all the time. In fact, we call them wedding professionals. So the 40th email you send them within 24 hours to be sure they made the change or got your message is a bit much and can ultimately strain your relationship. Don’t forget to be grateful and be the client that we all would love to bend over backwards for. A little gratitude goes a long way. When you believe us then we inherently will do more for you.

The only way to guarantee you’re footloose and fancy free at your wedding is to trust your vendors are doing their job and doing it well!

Photo by Scott Hayne of planner Antonia Christianson helping a bride down the aisle.

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