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Feb 29, 2016

Taylor Sterling of The Glitter Guide

  • Name: Taylor Sterling
  • Company: Glitter Guide
  • Title: Founder & Creative Director
  • City: Bay Area, San Fransisco

We took 5 minutes of working mama Taylor Sterling’s (catch her previously on IBT here!) time to catch up on what’s new at Glitter Guide, some of her favorite things, and what the ambitious founder is planning next!

NO. 01

Glitter Guide has become a major site for life & style inspiration! Did you have an "I've made-it" moment?

Thank you! It’s hard for me to have those “I’ve made-it” moments since I’m always on to the next thing and I’m ambitious to do better at everything we do. So I’m honestly not sure I will ever feel that way. Although I’m pretty darn proud that Glitter Guide is turning five this June. I think that’s a great accomplishment for any small business.

NO. 02

Do you have a favorite topic to write on?

Home decor and motherhood are two topics I really love to read and write about on our site. I’m also always eager to find out what beauty and skincare products women are using.

NO. 03

What's your Go-to way to unwind?

A walk outside with my family, a workout session, and a glass of wine.

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NO. 04

Your favorite Instagram feeds to follow:

Since becoming a mom, I’m really into following ‘cool’ moms on Instagram. I find it very inspiring. Right now I’m loving @karlaquiz, @chloefleury, @tori__hendrix and @sunwoven 

NO. 05

What advice would you give someone trying to become an established blogger?

Try to ignore everything out there and focus on what really inspires you. The market it so saturated now that it can be hard to stand-out and be unique. So listen to your own voice and do what you love. Also, don’t start off aiming to make money. Do it because you are passionate about it.

NO. 06

Do you have a 5 year plan?

I always find this question difficult. I’m honestly not a huge long-term planner. I tend to focus on the things that are closer in reach. However one big goal of mine is to get the Glitter Guide team closer together (we work all over the United States) and to have a cool studio space to work out of. We work out of our homes and while that has it’s pros it can be difficult sometimes.

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