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Learning to Say “I need HELP!” With Your Wedding Business

From early on in our lives, we’ve been taught that’s it is very important to be self-sufficient. So it’s not surprising that as wedding businesses owners we strive to be the boss that has all the answers. If you’re in that position now, you know I’m completely right when I say that being the boss is not always rainbows and butterflies. Being a leader is hard work, and sometimes the best way to lead your company is being willing to admit that you don’t know an answer, that not everything is running as smoothly as possible and that perhaps you need a little help. So what comes next?


One of my favorite parts of my job is being able to step in when this moment hits.  I have tons of seasoned clients who have been successful in the past but have hit a point where they want to take it to the next level and they know that in order to do that they need to make some changes.  My wedding public relations team and I are then able to step in and coach them through the process of improvement.  Not many people can say that they have a handle on every angle to their business, and admitting this is the key to advancement.  The only way to find answers to your questions is by placing your pride aside and seeking help.


For some businesses it’s not about booking more clients because they get plenty of business, but it’s about getting a better client. A client who is in line with you both in style and in budget. Are you consistently booking those? Are you charging the prices you want to be charging? If this is an area you struggle, it’s time to change your direction. It’s time to take a leap of faith and turning businesses away if it’s not a fit. It’s a scary thing! But at the end of the day, quality clients are what is going to grow your business and are what’s going to bring you happiness.


For other businesses the clients aren’t the problem, it’s the networking with other vendors. I see so many cliques of vendors who only work with the same people over and over again. They don’t realize that in doing this they’re completely pigeonholing themselves. By forming relationships with vendors in other area you will gain new perspectives, be inspired by others and create a strong, diverse and vast network that will help sustain  your business over time.


And for some businesses, the clients and relationships may be there but that isn’t reflected through your website and branding. It’s important to know when it’s time to invest in yourself, whether it be a new website/blog, social media efforts, bringing on additional staff or updating your computer or equipment. It’s not always about looking pretty and new, but when others see that you take the time to invest in your business it makes them more likely to invest in you.


For a lot of you, you’ve been doing this a long time and you’re great at what you do, but something on the inside may be telling you that you could be doing more. Listen to that voice! Never ever stop making changes and striving to be a better business person. Don’t get stuck in the mindset of “well it’s enough to get me by, so why change anything.” Be aware of your weaknesses and areas that could use improvement, and don’t be afraid to seek out help. Ask a professional, talk to your peers or evaluate your client’s experience and use that knowledge to help make your business to be the absolute best version it can be.


Photo by Elizabeth Messina


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