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Jul 01, 2019

Chatting with The Ladies Behind Okay Sis Podcast

Chatting with The Ladies Behind Okay Sis Podcast - Inspired by This
  • Name: Scout Sobel and Mady Maio
  • Company: Okay Sis Podcast
  • Title: Co-Hosts
  • City: Los Angeles, CA

Meet Scout & Mady: twenty-something sisters, podcast aficionados, creative bosses. Today, we’re excited to have them on our business blog to chat about their own podcast, Okay Sis, on which the pair dives into their weekly fixations and interview fellow inspiring females. If you are also avid pod listeners, add theirs to your queue and be thoroughly entertained. Plus, you’ll leave with tangible takeaways whether it’s a new beauty product to try or a different perspective on mental health. With guests like Lauryn Evarts Bosstick from The Skinny Confidential, and comedian Heather McMahan, how could you not?

Chatting with The Ladies Behind Okay Sis Podcast - Inspired by This

Tell us a little about you! You’re sisters so you’ve obviously known each other forever, but when did the dream for a podcast come about?

Scout: I am Scout, and I am the oldest sister (never forget). I used to have my own podcast and I brought Mady on as a guest – we recorded in the business center of the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa after one too many rosés and massages, so we were ready! It occurred to me right then and there that I wanted to host a podcast with my sister. Our energies just vibed so well and I am so grateful I get to sit down and chat with her every week.

Mady: I’m Mady, the designated younger sister! I pride myself on being a podcast aficionado, so when Scout approached me about hosting one with her, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. This podcast has not only allowed us to reach out and chat with our girl crushes every week, but it has deepened our sororal relationship in such a profound way.

Why did you decide to launch Okay, Sis? What is it all about?

S: We decided to launch Okay Sis to provide women with a platform where they can learn and be inspired. We interview a different female entrepreneur each week and chat about our current fixations, since we are very phase-y sisters. Okay Sis is both silly and informative.

M: On each episode, you can expect plenty of sisterly banter and discovery. We are very curious sisters, so our current fixations range anywhere from mindfulness apps, to Noah Centineo, to skincare, to books that have scintillated us.

Chatting with The Ladies Behind Okay Sis Podcast - Inspired by This Chatting with The Ladies Behind Okay Sis Podcast - Inspired by This

Podcasts are capturing audiences like never before – how do you differentiate ‘Okay, Sis’ from others?

S: I think our sisterly banter differentiates us. Our bond is unlike any other. I am the quiet more reserved one while Mady is louder and filled with energy. We complement each other so well and balance one another out. I think women come back to Okay Sis because it feels as if they are having a slumber party with sisters!

M: Okay Sis is playful, yet substantive. We have a good balance between not taking ourselves too seriously while also maintaining a sense of curiosity and wonder about topics we want to learn more about. For example, instead of doing a Bachelor recap episode, we did a deep dive into the social implications and ideological influence of the franchise itself. A little informational twist!

Chatting with The Ladies Behind Okay Sis Podcast - Inspired by This

What are both the best and most challenging parts of working with your sister?

S: Working together with Mady has been a dream! We have not had one fight since starting Okay Sis which is a miracle. We have become so close. I express gratitude for having her in my life each day because I can’t imagine not working with my sister.

M: You flatter me, Scout! The best part about working with family is that there is complete transparency. Office politics simply doesn’t exist with us because we don’t worry about hurting one another’s feelings. Feedback is exchanged willingly and immediately, which helps us to improve faster.

You both have other creative ventures as well; Tell us about your other ventures, Scout’s Agency and Girls Night In Club!

S: I run Scout’s Agency, which is a full service podcasting PR agency. I help grow, manage, and launch podcasts, which has been such a dream. I currently have a roster of six and it is growing! Working with other podcasts and getting deeper into this world has been so fulfilling.

M: Co-hosting the Girls’ Night In book club here in Los Angeles has been such a delight. Each month, we plan a meetup at a different venue across the city equipped with sponsors and rad women who cherish self-care and community. If you’re a bibliophile like me, please feel free to swing by the next event!

You get to chat with some amazing women on a range of topics! What have been some of your favorite conversations?

S: Definitely having Lauryn Evarts Bosstick on! She has been a business icon for me over the past few years so to get to pick her brain and just hang out for an hour was a true pleasure. She drops some major gems about building an audience, nurturing a brand, and balancing the hustle.

M: My favorite conversation (and the one I fan-girled the most during) was with Heather McMahan. She is the most amusing woman I’ve ever had the pleasure to laugh with and has an incredibly humble spirit. She has figured out how to effectively use Instagram to broadcast her comedy and relatable personality. I’m patiently waiting for some big Netflix deal to swoop her up because she deserves all of the success.

Chatting with The Ladies Behind Okay Sis Podcast - Inspired by This

We’re sure you’ve heard many incredible tips and tricks but is there any piece of business/marketing advice that has really stuck with you?

S: The best piece of advice I have ever received was from my first job. I worked at a gelato store and I couldn’t open one of the jars. I went up to my boss and asked him to open it for me. He said, “What would you do if I wasn’t here?” I said, “I would figure it out.” He handed the gar back to me and I figured it out. From that day forward, just figuring it out has been my business mantra.

M: On her episode on Recode Decode, Emily Weiss said, “Do the next right thing.” This simplistic advice helps to alleviate the overwhelming pressure of viewing everything through a macro lens. It reminds me to move through each moment and decision with intention and grace.

Any teasers for what’s coming up on Okay, Sis or other projects we should be on the lookout for?

S: We are hoping to do some IRL (sorry Mady, I know we said we were going to retire this acronym) events and podcasting recordings! We want to continue to garner up a powerful community of women and raise each other up one podcast at a time.

M: Catch us at an Okay Sis live podcast taping near you!

Chatting with The Ladies Behind Okay Sis Podcast - Inspired by This Chatting with The Ladies Behind Okay Sis Podcast - Inspired by This

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