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Feb 03, 2011

PR Tips 101: Invest in Yourself if You Expect Others to Invest in YOU!

As you may have noticed at Be Inspired PR we recently re-launched our website and blog, it was not only a financial commitment but a time commitment as well. A new year  means a new look at yourself and your business.  As I talk to PR clients and many of my coaching clients about their 2011 goals: its a time to revise, refresh, rebuild and renew!  So much is changing in the wedding industry. Online outlets are becoming more relevant then they were before and print publications are doing what they need to do to stay on top of their game (as some have sadly not been able to stay afloat). What actions are you taking to be the best You? If the phone isn’t ringing like it used to and sales and wedding bookings aren’t where you had hoped- what are you going to do about it? You can choose to not spend a dollar and keep a closed fist with change OR you can choose to invest in yourself in 2011. Finding the right outlets to do so will help launch your business to new heights.  How can  you expect others to trust you and invest in you and your services if you can’t even invest in yourself?

You want to charge  $6000 or for your services, but you don’t make it a priority to update your marketing materials, website, or logo. As an example- spending the money to letterpress your business cards if you have the budget is worth the investment that a first impression can make. You could book a new client off of that first impression and it more then paid for that investment in one sale. If you want to launch out in a market place,  have you  ever considered investing in the media outlets who invest in you and all of us? Thats right- I said it.. Advertising! How are media outlets( like magazines) going to survive if we don’t invest in them and support? You may have already decided that advertising is not for you or you dont have the funds at this time.  I know of a very specific instance of a well known wedding photographer who became so well branded from their ads that it launched their career almost 8 years ago. Their national recognition and amazing reputation is supported by past advertising investment and their high level of service and class.

If I expect people to invest in me, I know that I need to invest in me. My goals may differ from yours, but if its coaching you need or a studio space- really make some decisions about your business that will help you get the clients you are looking for. You’re hoping to make more money in 2011 so spend a little on you. Sean Low’s post “Spend Smart” raises some great points.  Choose what is money best spent for you, your business, and your family. We all know that as small business owners, often times our financial decisions can effect spouses and income for your family. We’re working longer hours and spending less time with our families, what kinds of investments can we make to implement change? So again, I repeat- choose wise, but its so important that you do so with the open mind for change. With the desire to grow and receive more, you have to give more- certainly to others, but in this case I am specifically referring to giving back to yourself. Your business needs it! The brides are changing, the media is changing, your competitors are changing and I ask you to look inside and see what you can do for your business to evolve.

Invest in what you need to grow your business and to get your clients to invest in you- Is it staff? Is it a business coach? Is it a social media consultant? Is it a branding expert? Is it Be Inspired PR? How are you going to find ways to give back to your business? Ultimately these investments will make the difference in your long term plan for growth and success!

Image by Elizabeth Messina

*this post was originally published Dec. ’09

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