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May 31, 2012

If You Are Afraid of the No’s You’ll Never be Open for the Yes

People say NO to me all the time. It hurts. It can be hard sometimes to have a door shut.

NO they don’t want me to feature their wedding, NO they won’t accept my client for a feature this time around in their magazine, NO  I can’t loan you that product for your press project, NO I am not going  to hire you at this time for wedding PR consulting, NO I am not going to work for you, NO I don’t have your back (even though I’ll pretend that I do).

I get the, “I’m sorry, but No” too just like all of you and guess what that does??? It reminds us that when we get that YES it’s the better option, the be better fit, the better opportunity. My husband reminds me of this all the time: “If you are afraid of the no’s you’ll never be open for the YES”.

The YES then becomes that much sweeter, and you know that you will treat that person like gold for giving you a chance. Don’t forget those who have said YES to you and remember to consider: is this new open door something you will value and show your appreciation for again?

Don’t forget the little people… I don’t, and I certainly won’t especially as I grow and when it matters most.

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