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Sep 19, 2016

How to Leave Stress at Work

By the time Friday comes around, most of us are ready to cheers to the weekend! But for others, physically leaving the office doesn’t always mean mentally leaving the office. If you’re attached to your inbox and find yourself consistently working weekends, it is time to take a break. Prevent getting burned out by following these tips to decompress on the weekends and leave stress at work.

How to Leave Stress at Work - Inspired by This

Make a list, check it twice!

You likely have a to-do list of tasks you need to complete each workday. Be sure to review that list on Friday just before you head out for the weekend. Transfer remaining to-do’s to your Monday tasks so you know exactly what you need to tackle the upcoming week. There is nothing worse than racking your brain over the weekend wondering if you finished all your to do’s. This way, you can rest assured that everything is handled, and you can congratulate yourself for all the tasks you completed that week (go you!).

Put that phone on Do Not Disturb

You might have freaked out a bit by reading that, but putting your phone on the Do Not Disturb setting for a couple hours is good for the soul. Focus on spending quality time with yourself or with your family and friends without distractions. Avoiding the notifications that are constantly popping up is difficult, so just take a break for a few hours. We promise, you’ll survive!

Love it? Do it!

After a long week of working and sitting at your desk all day, you want to have something to look forward to! Whether it’s staying home and reading a new book, or making a reservation at that new restaurant you’ve been eyeing, do something you love. Make time to do an activity that will refresh and relax your mind! A work-free environment should be stress-free and full of enjoyment in whatever form that works for you.

A work week is filled with meetings, deadlines and all around stress. So when it comes to the weekend make the effort to leave it behind. Follow these 3 easy tips to help guide you to the road of relaxation for two days before deep diving back into work on Monday.

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  • haley

    Such great tips! Thanks for sharing!

  • Mandy

    I need that encouragement to put my phone on DND more often… Ah! Thanks!!

  • Meghan

    Turning your phone off or putting it away for awhile is a Must!!!

  • Melanie

    Such great tips!!

  • Nanci

    so true about the phone… but it’s so hard!!

  • Melanie

    I definitely need to try the do not disturb option on my phone… I can never help checking things when notifications pop up!

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