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Oct 16, 2017

How to Be A Good Boss

For all of us girl bosses out there who are mentoring employees, assistants, or interns, there is a code we all should be following to be a good boss. In the past 15 years since I started working in the real world and as owner and boss lady at Be Inspired PR, I’ve learned a thing or two about how to treat people, but most important how to NOT treat people.

You need to earn respect, but there is a way to do so that allows you to be good to people who work for you and alongside you. Here are 4 tips for how to be a good boss.

How to be a Good Boss - Inspired by This
1. Lead by Example

Showing your employees what to do and how to do it is enforced when you follow a similar code of conduct. Do you expect them to reply to emails a certain way and in a timely manner, then you also should be doing the same. Do you want them to care about their job? Then you need to care about yours. Teaching one philosophy and doing another is counter productive. The team you lead won’t take their do’s and don’ts seriously if you don’t. Are you all over the place and not as organized as you should be? Don’t be shocked when certain members of your team are doing the same. It’s time to get it together!

2. Be Kind, during good times and in bad

You can be effective as a leader by keeping your rules and standards with staff even while being kind to them. When the moment strikes and you have to reprimand for a job not so well done, do so in a constructive way. Channel your frustration or disappointment into a learning experience for both you and your mentoree. The last thing you want is someone who is bitter because you spoke to them (or emailed them) with a demeaning tone.

3. Create Boundaries

Sometimes we are friends with our staff. I am too and I know they are reading this article now so I am saying “hi” to all of them. They know I love them, but they also know that I expect them to do their job efficiently and to be timely. If they aren’t on time, I tell them. If they make a mistake, I tell them. Sometimes they screw up bad. It happens, but we have to take part of the blame too. We are the teachers and if we aren’t helping them cross their t’s and dot their i’s then its not all their fault. You need to create boundaries and set goals. But you can refer to the tip above while doing so and still be effective.

4. Reward Success
Did someone do something right on your team? Amazing… but did you tell them? Encourage and support them when they outperform. Putting together incentive programs will motivate them to continue to strive for excellence. Who doesn’t want that?

What do you think makes a good boss? 

xo, Leila, Wedding PR
Leila is owner and founder of wedding and lifestyle focused PR firm Be Inspired PR. Read more of her career tips and advice here!


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