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Oct 11, 2011

How are you Staying Relevant in the Wedding Industry?

I’ve been thinking about this topic for a long time. Well, actually I think about it every day- with people I meet, coach, and admire.  Some people have been in the wedding and event business for years.  They’re experienced, they’re connected, they’ve been published, but yet how come they feel like they aren’t at the level they want to be at?  What is that tugging feeling inside you where you think, “what can I be doing better or how do I take my business to the next level?” OR better yet, if you’re reading this and thinking, “I’m fine, I don’t need to be on a million blog features anymore, published in magazines, go to networking events – I have enough business, I’ve already worked with the best.”  This also goes for media outlets- magazines who aren’t flexible, only work with certain vendors, only do certain layouts- be open to change!!  If any of what I have said so far resonates, this one is for you!  I have a few notes you may want to consider:

1) Newsflash: If you have an ego (like the one mentioned above) you wont be relevant for long

I’m constantly re-inspired when I meet vendors or speakers who have done it all. They’ve been published by the holy grail of wedding magazines, they speak at events, they have a following and they are so humble! Kindness and grace goes a long way. The self aware attitude will have you be a dying old breed. Move over, because someone newer, younger, nicer, and more eager is right around the corner.

2) We all have a window of time while we’re relevant in this industry- don’t waste it!

The wedding and special events industry has changed so much since I’ve been in it. Imagine the change for people that have been working alongside us for 12-20+ years. Now there has been such an influx of amazing, creative, fresh perspectives, products, and services. We all have awindow of time…” what are you doing with yours?

3) “You’re only as good as last Saturday night”

Please remember this!  I’m only as good as the experience I had with my last wedding PR coaching client or the last fabulous feature I got published and if that was back in 2007- guess what? That makes me pretty irrelevant for what I do.  Same goes for all of you!  You’re only as good as the last event you produced or wedding you photographed and blogged. You start putting out there anything LESS then the last BEST thing you did- how will you continue to get the client you want and stay on top?

Photo by Elizabeth Messina

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