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Jul 06, 2010

PR Tips 101: Follow Through in Your Wedding Business Builds Credibility with Vendors, Media and Brides

Sounds like perfect sense right? Like wedding business 101? Sadly, this advice isn’t heeded enough in the wedding world. I write this absolutely stunned and really quite flabbergasted at the lack of  follow through that goes around in our business. When you are given an opportunity to really shine, what do you do with that? Do you put your schedule or excuses aside to come through? We have all had those times when we couldn’t make something happen. I’ve been there too, but when your future knocks at your door for an amazing referral or a media opportunity: that’s it! You’ve been given a gift. What are you going to do with it?  It sounds so simple really, but I see it everyday where the lack of commitment and follow through disappointments. Florist to planner, planner to photographer, cake company didn’t get the color right..etc etc.

That is your time to put your best foot forward and make that impression. Why do you think certain photographers keep getting all the type of bookings you strive for?..simply, because they’ve lived up to their reputation. Past clients keep referring, vendors continue to support them, and media is still impressed by them. Guess what? They follow through.

They are consistent and produce great work, adhere to deadlines, and give the editors exactly what they’re looking for. I pride myself in doing just that for those wedding vendors, coaching clients, and my editorial relationships as well, but its challenging to come through when the vendor I am relying on and giving a chance too doesn’t follow through. Not only does this strain relationships, and your chances for future offerings from your vendors and media around you, but it doesn’t usually make room for opportunities for you again.

Take away tip: If a client, a wedding vendor, or wedding blogger/magazine come to you with an opportunity that will build a relationship, bring creditability, and help them out- guess what? Knock it out of the park because when you don’t I can pretty much guarantee those opportunities wont come back knocking again too soon.

Photo by Jose Villa


* This post was originally published in January ’10

  • This is sooo true! Thanks for your helpful insight! 🙂

  • The surest way to get a soccer ball down the field the farthest is…..FOLLOW THROUGH! You can have the greatest technique and the most up to date equipment but if you don’t follow through with the kick it will go no where. What great advice. When I feel that I am too tired or that they will understand or even that I have an excusable EXCUSE then I remember that the extra time and effort to get the job done might just be an investment with unlimited returns. ROI my friends, ROI.

  • Jen

    I see it over and over again Leila! I wont refer business to those vendors who dont follow through. thank you for saying something so basic but yet so NEEDED. people listen the heck up!

  • Words of wisdom that can make or break a business! Awesome insight that is much needed 🙂

  • leila–you made me blush! thank you for your kind words and for including me is such amazing company.

  • Kylie

    Im sorry.. but who would not come through for you on a media opportunity. I mean really? are they that busy? or that dumb? WOW. well i do anything to help you out anytime Leila 🙂

  • I so agree! When I am given an opportunity! I do everything in my capability to do anything for the client, because I know that one happy client will lead to more happy referrals!

  • So very true! Very well said!

  • Kylie

    Yes yes yes!! So true in any part of life 🙂

  • Oh, you mean like how you did with a certain wedding-related non profit? Wow, great follow through there. Way to practice what you preach. You’re *such* an inspiration.

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