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Dec 15, 2014

Holiday DIY Floral Workshop at Fleurish

Ever wanted to open up your own flower shop and make incredible creations to beautify people’s lives? Ya, us too! Our dreams came true.. well sort of.. on our trip to Fleurish last week, where we became our very own fleurist (yes, how punny!?), and created beautiful holiday arrangements to fill our office and homes with Christmas cheer! At our floral workshop we got to DIY amazing wreaths and floral arrangements with our choice of flowers, sparkly metallic ornaments, festive ribbons, and pine cones. We think we have found our calling 🙂

This little shop in nearby Brentwood, out here in L.A., is a flower-lover/creator’s dream! With personal florist stations complete with iPads, – we’ll get to that later – a fully stocked flower fridge, and a photo booth, Fleurish has everything you need to make your own flower arrangement and have fun doing so! (Yes, cocktails can be included 🙂 Your personal iPad first helps you choose the type of arrangement you want to make and then guides you through the steps to create it, from picking out the flowers, to watering, placing, and spritzing them! With the help of this handy tool.. and the actual professional florists in the room, there’s no way you’re creation won’t turn out beautiful!

This place is perfect for parties, from birthdays to just a fun girls’ trip, or an office outing like ours! If you’re still looking for a fun Christmas activity or gift, or just want a pretty wreath (that you can say you made all on your own!) for the season, stop on over and set up a floral workshop or pop in to one of their daily classes! We’re already planning our return to try out all the new Spring arrangements at Fleurish and can’t wait!


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