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May 26, 2009

Be Inspired’s Wedding Public Relations Blog!

Finally! Ta da… the blog has arrived! It has been a labor of love and although there have been challenges along the way I’m thrilled to finally get this beauty up and running and ready for readers! So welcome everyone and thank you for being a part of this.

For those of you who are now being introduced to me, my name is Leila Khalil, and I am the proud owner of Be Inspired Public Relations, a boutique marketing and PR firm with an expertise in the wedding industry. I have created this blog to be the voice that  reaches out to teach about Wedding PR, to connect brides to vendors, to share vendors with the media (and visa versa). There will be amazing wedding industry talents highlighted as well as a behind the scenes look into many respected wedding magazines, television shows, and blogs and the people who run them. It will be a unique read for my wedding industry enthusiasts and hopefully something that each of you can learn and take inspiration from!


image courtesy of Amelia Lyon

While on my professional journey I’ve worked on weddings and events with budgets that can boast the “crafty do it your self” intimate affairs to the over the top $1M dollar productions. I’ve been a part of teams and organizations that have put together masterpieces in the industry and in 2007 I found my true passion: Mags, Media, and Marketing united with of all things WEDDINGS. You can read more about what I do today as a wedding publicist on the “about this” section of my blog as well as more information about what we do at Be Inspired PR.

Some personal tid bits about me: I’m a Los Angeles native, currently residing in one of Southern California’s coastal towns- yes, I’m a true Californian. I am an avid traveler, wine enthusiast, and posses a healthy zeal for literature. I am the oldest of 5, and am a product of my well rounded, very close knit, loving and albeit entertaining family. They keep me grounded, they keep me motivated, and they keep me striving to be the best I can be.

Most of you don’t know that I have a special guy in my life and am recently engaged! Tony took me to one of our favorite spots in the California wine country and asked me to marry him-it was one of the sweetest proposals I have heard ( and I’m not being bias! well maybe a little!) and now it’s time for us to plan our wedding ( I’m already overwhelmed by all the choices. HELP!). Here are some pictures from that fabulous day.

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What’s inspiring to me? Wow, there is really too much to list it all. Aside from my loved ones as I’ve already noted, one of the points I’d like to highlight is that quiet time and quality time are near and dear to me. There is no time like the present, and we have to live in the moment. I’ll be sharing some more of my favorite inspirations with all of you in the days and weeks to come.

I’ll be posting daily (Monday- Friday) and I’m thrilled to bring you a unique perspective on the wedding industry. Each day I will share something different: Wedding PR tips, vendor highlights, gorgeous weddings, featured clients, media interviews and magazine, blogger, and TV show highlights. Aside from this “get to know me” monstrous post today, I am a big promoter of blog posts being short and sweet. That is just how I like them. Other blogs may give dissertations on “how to” (design, plan, tweet, etc…) but one thing you’ll notice about my posts is they will not be super heavy on text but in contrast a nice balance of insights and inspirations. When I am blog surfing I love reading highlights but being visually captured by stunning images… That’s what you can expect from me. I like to think of it as short blasts of information that will incite, excite, and inspire!

Special thanks to Mint Wich Design for Jordan’s help with  taking my vision for the blog’s design and bringing it to life- Follow her on Twitter ! And thanks to my tech wiz brother Jacque and good friend Jonathan who took the designs and turned them into the blog i have today. Couldn’t have done it without all of their help.

In closing here is one of  my favorite inspiration boards from snippet and ink. It just brightens up the day…enjoy!


  • I love your blog! The design is stunning, and I can’t wait to be inspired by you daily!

  • Simply Exquisite

    Love the blog. Congrats on your engagement!!

  • Love the blog Leila, it’s so you!! And a big congrats. Hope to see you again soon

  • Congrats on your new blog, can’t wait to see more! You are a true inspiration!

  • Leila, congrats:) I will be adding you to my list of daily blog reads. Look forward for what’s to come!!

  • Really excited to follow along! I love the blog design & your bio, congrats!!!

  • So, so, so proud of you!! Can’t wait to see the blogging diva you become! 😉

  • It’s beautiful!!! Very elegant and inspiring! Congratulations and welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!!


  • Leila – The blog looks great! Can’t wait to follow along. I know you have a lot of great ideas/advice to offer. Welcome to the blogging world!!

  • Very excited for this blog! Excited for it to become my new daily read!

  • The blog looks great, congrats!

  • Yay – looking forward to what you’ve got in store for us!

  • Congrats on the launch! Looking forward to following along!!

  • Congrats!!!! Your blog looks great…..just add u to my list =)

  • Love your blog! So excited to see all your new posts!

  • LOVE it Leila! 🙂

  • Great new blog! 🙂 Love it!

  • Kellee Khalil

    Loving your blog! So Inspiring…

    Good job!

  • Congrats to you, Leila. I’m looking forward to reading along on your new blog journey. The blog design is gorgeous – Jordan did a fabulous job!

  • Congratulations on your beautiful new blog…..I look forward to reading your daily wisdom and inspiration!

  • tamiko

    Congrats Leila looks great and looking forward reading your tips, inspirations, and insights in the world of weddings.

  • Wow, what a wonderful start! I look forward to following your blog!

  • Congratulations Leila the site is absolutely gorgeous and the picture of you is simply STUNNING! Thank you so much for the love and I can’t wait for my daily dose of inspiration!!!!!

  • Looking forward to your posts! Congratulations!

  • Congrats on the blog Leila!! You have such a fresh view of the industry… I can’t wait to read & see more!!

  • congrats, blog looks awesome! looking forward to reading more…

  • So excited for you, Leila! I can’t tell you how proud I am to call you my publicist. YOU inspire ME! Each and every day 🙂 Love you dear!

  • looks great. its an exciting time, isnt it? 🙂


  • Leila, I am so happy to see that your blog has launched! I look forward to your daily posts. Most importantly, CONGRATS on your engagement!

  • The site looks great! I love the clean look and feel. Looking forward to seeing more.

  • Congrats on the new blog and congrats on the engagement!

  • Wow! I’m so excited about this! Can’t wait to see more and to learn a thing or two!

  • First off, Congratulations on the engagement! Oh my goodness, how exciting and to be surrounded by wedding professionals, the choices will be so hard when you have the best at your fingertips. Secondly, congrats on the blog, I’ve been looking forward to it. I’m waiting to be inspired Mon – Fri!
    best wishes, jennifer

  • Wow Leila, the new Blog is absolutely beautiful. Super nice job!

  • Stoked to see your blog launch!! 😀 Looking forward to what you have in store!

  • Congratulations on all your new beginnings!

  • Christia

    Great job, Lei! Can’t wait to tune in and see a little piece of my BFF each day. 🙂

  • So excited for you! You’re going to rock the blogging world…! And much happiness to you and Tony. Marriage is absolutely wonderful… even after 16 years. It just keeps getting better and better.

  • Wow Leila, congrats on the lovely blog! I’m excited to see more!

  • Congrats on the blog Leila and on your engagement. I look forward to reading Inspired by This on a daily basis!

  • Polka Dot Bride

    Congratulations on your engagement Leila! I’m looking forward to following your blog!

  • I LOVE IT!!! Congrats!!!! 🙂 FABULOUS!!

  • Beautiful Blog, Congratulations on the Blog and the Engagement!!! I look forward to adding to my daily blog ritual 🙂

  • BEAUTIFUL BLOG! Congratulations on your engagement. Best of luck!

  • Excited about your blog! And congrats on your engagement!

  • It’s beautiful! Congratulations!!

  • Congratulations!! Beautiful blog 🙂

  • What a great way to start a blog – it looks beautiful – looking forward to watching your inspirations! Love the design of the blog, very well done. Congratulations on your engagement – how will you ever choose form all the amazing stuff out there? That was a really difficult part for me. 🙂
    Congratulations on all your new endeavors!

  • The site looks great Leila! Congratulations, I look forward to following you!

  • The blog is fresh, informative and fun. Well done! Best wishes for your upcoming marriage. Looking forward to hearing all about the details!

  • Congratulations on both the blog and your engagement! I am really looking forward to reading along and absorbing your insights.

  • Leila – Congratulations {twice} One for a fantastic and inspiring blog. Secondly, on your engagement! Thanks for your recent help, your insight gives me something to shoot for! Wishing you all the best that life has to offer!

  • Perfect! It’s like I’ve hit the jackpot of info. Looking forward to reading the blog.

  • Congrats & Congrats, Leila! Looking forward to reading along.

  • I love the new blog, and cannot wait to tune in regularly!

  • I love it!

  • Amy Lewis

    Wow Leila! – as always, your vision is beautiful. Congrats on all your success. Much love — Amy

  • great blog! look forward to reading more in the future and learning!

  • Congrats Leila…the site looks fab and I’ll see you next week…xoxoxo

  • I LOVE your blog. I just found on on snippet and ink. I can’t stop smiling when I look at it. Amazing job!!

  • The site feels lovely. I like the feel of it. Reminds me of California 🙂

  • You blog is very interesting and I am amazed to see that so many people are commenting on this. Thans for the posting such a good blog.

  • Love this blog !!! Great job.

  • Love the Site, Love the Blog. Will be watching to see what’s new over the in the US 🙂

  • Love your work!

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