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Nov 14, 2016

7 Essential PR Tips for New Businesses

Calling all business owners!! Are you shiny and new but need some ideas to get your brand out there? OR have you been around awhile but are feeling like you need some fresh new ideas on how to market yourself? Most new and small businesses don’t have a big budget to spend on marketing and outside resources like PR, however there are some simple and effective PR strategies you can implement yourself.

7 Essential PR Tips for New Businesses - Inspired by This

Before you start to figure out what type of work you need to put into your image ask yourself:
How does your company present itself and what reputation do you have? Also ask, how well do you relate with others; Do you treat them well on email, in person or on the phone? The answer better be YES to the last question before you can move forward with the tips below.

Here are 8 DIY PR tips for your new or small business:

1. Direct Messaging: Get on social media and Direct Message brands you want to work with – you will be surprised at the reply time opposed to waiting to hear back on email.

2. Network: Go to industry events and spend time talking with media and building relationship with vendors and influencers.

3. Keep up with the Press: Follow media outlets on social media and spend time on their websites so you have a better feel for what type of content they feature. Editors will take you more seriously if you know what type of content to pitch them based on the research you have done.

4. Invest in your Relationships: Personal relationships are everything to a new business. If you have influential people in your court, it could change your whole business! Handwritten thank you notes, small gifts of appreciation, and encouraging emails can go along way in strengthening your relationships.

5. Focus on social media. It’s free advertising! In today’s world, you can run an entire business based on social media word of mouth. Make the effort to post quality content, engage with other users, and post regularly. If you don’t, your social media efforts may do more harm than good. It can be helpful to prepare content ahead of time – set a schedule a few weeks in advance so you’re not stressing every day about what to share.

6. Separate Personal and Business Profiles. As mentioned above, your social footprint matters so be sure you are representing your business and your personal social profiles appropriately. Keep your business social media separate. Small businesses often mix professional and personal life a lot on social media, but it may behoove you to separate the two.

7. Brand yourself. Choose an awesomely unique name and define your brand using tools like a quality web team, keeping your press page up to date and creating a reputation for being quick on email.
Be realistic about your expectations with PR when you are doing it yourself, just as you would about any project you DIY vs. hiring a professional. Follow the tips above for quick results! And if you feel you need more help, shoot us an email!

xo, Leila Lewis, weddingPR

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