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Jun 13, 2016

5 Ways to Maintain Office Morale

Creating a positive office atmosphere is not only healthy, but also directly correlates with happy & hard workers. It’s important to cultivate a culture that allows relationships to flourish and employees to thrive. Here are 5 ways to maintain office morale and prevent burnout!

5 Ways to Maintain Office Morale - Inspired by This

Communicate Expectations & Goals

Giving your team something to work towards is vital in equipping them for success in their roles. Schedule time where these can be discussed so that employees feel heard and understood. Equally important – rewarding them when they achieve those goals!

Treat them to Meals

Rewarding employees could mean treating them to lunch or a donut & coffee bar in the morning! Sharing a meal is a great way to start the day off right and it doesn’t require much time or planning.

5 Ways to Maintain Office Morale - Inspired by This
Photo by Valorie Darling

Support a Movement to Move

Being holed up in an office all day is not good for any of us! Make sure your employees feel encouraged to leave their desk throughout the day to get some fresh air, walk around the block, or grab a coffee. “Chained to your desk” is an idiom for a reason – don’t make it be your office mindset.

5 Ways to Maintain Office Morale - Inspired by This

Bring the Break to them

Surprise your team with fun & restful experiences. Zeel offers on the go massages (all over SoCal, soon to be in Santa Barbara, and 30+ cities across the U.S.) that the team absolutely loved! We have also used Priv for in-office manicures. These are sure ways to treat your team.

Office Outings

Office outings allow the team to bond and spend time together outside of work. As a team we have attended cooking and workout classes, gone out for birthday brunches, and have regular happy hours.

5 Ways to Maintain Office Morale - Inspired by This

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