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Mar 07, 2016

5 Things You Have to Have on Your Website

I’ve been consulting with brands for the past 10 years and I’ve seen a thing or two about how they represent themselves online. In 2016 having a website that is “mobile friendly” (meaning very easy to navigate on a phone or tablet) is imperative to keep the interest of potential new clients.

5 Things You Have To Have on Your Website - Inspired by This

Even if your website is well designed and looks pretty, that doesn’t really mean much in the long run. You can like the look of your website, but if it doesn’t have a few fundamental basics then your website could be hurting you more than helping you. Some of these tips might seem like no brainers, but 60-80% of sites I’m reviewing don’t have some (or even all) of these musts!

Name and Photo

Many sites refer to the overall company name when describing what they do, but there is no connection to a person(s) or photo to support who is behind the brand. Millennials want to know exactly who and what they are getting when they are looking to make a purchase. The ones who give them this will be at an advantage.

Music Be Gone

Do you have music playing on your site right when people arrive? Please don’t. Someone searching who landed on your website probably has their volume turned up and isn’t expecting to be shocked the second they land on your page. It will likely have them click off the page and not come back. They are scared to hear the blaring music again!

Social Media Button Placement

Potential clients don’t have much free time to find all your social media links, so why are you making it hard for them? Many brands hide their buttons on the bottom of the page or worse – on a random page buried on their site that we may never get to. You have 15 seconds to make an impression and your social presence will be a part of that. If we can’t find you online you won’t seem as relevant to the new generation of customers. Put it on the home page clear and visible and keep it there on your subsequent website pages.

Got Press?

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Keep your press page current and make it very easy for website goers to see. Clients will feel even better about working with you when they know you have been “seen in” various media outlets they know and respect. If you’re showcasing online work, be sure to link it to the exact feature on that website.

Contact Info

Do you have a contact form but no email address listed to go with it? Don’t lose your client before you even talk to them. If you don’t have a way for them to reach you other than a phone number and contact form they may not take the next steps you reach out. You must leave an email address, but no need to post your direct email – reserve your direct email and direct phone number for existing clients and business relationships.

XO, Leila, Wedding PR
Leila is owner and founder of wedding and lifestyle focused PR firm Be Inspired PR. Read more of her career tips and advice here!

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